A Tree Bigger than Walmart!? Is it real?

Laurel Correa, Writer

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This article began by giving students a look at photos of a tree with very little explanation as to what the details included. The tree was then said to be bigger than Walmart. Will the students believe it with nothing more than an image for proof?

Looking at the variety of pictures, many students here at Seward High School gave the first impression of the tree, as being nothing more than a huge forest of “hundreds of trees.”

I asked Daniel, a freshman, the question “Is it possible this is only one tree?”

He continued with that of an assured tone, “It couldn’t be only one.”

He was then given background information about the tree and asked what he thought of the image.

His only response was “How is that ONE tree?”

This 255-year-old Great Banyan tree, Located in Kolkata, India, has insanely large roots that cover 3.5 square acres of land, which equals roughly 156,000 square feet. This being something hard for many to believe without seeing it themselves.

When previously comparing the tree’s data to that from one of the more recent Wal-mart’s square footage, it showed that the average store size is just under 105,000 square feet. We can see just how much larger the tree is with a roughly 50,000 square foot difference.

“Can you believe it now?” A question students were asked after seeing the image and other information relating to this gigantic tree.

“It’s still hard to believe. I want to see it in person,” Angel, a sophomore stated.

Several students agreed with this. Without seeing such a thing in person, it is hard to grasp the size of this enormous natural wonder. A “good name for it,” Angel thought.

To continue, the student’s original thoughts of the tree being much more than a single tree came from the image seen from afar where hundreds of stakes are standing straight supporting the many branches of the tree in order for it to continue its outward growth.

As a popular attraction for many people, there has been a road built all around the tree so that anyone can visit with ease. And with so few other trees like it in the entire world, it’s easy to understand why so many go to see The Great Banyan.


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