British Burritos


Shelly S


Dylan Dunning is a junior at Seward High School, and he has been attending for the past three years. Dunning plans for after high school is to pursue into underwater welding, but this can be dangerous. Also he plans on being a firefighter as well as being full-time job, and wants to keep moving forward with the welding in long run.

Dylan being experienced for traveling around the world with his family. Visiting places in Europe like Scotland, England, and Iceland. Also in other countries like South America for a Disney cruise in the Caribbean, and around South Central America. A personal experience of visiting Scotland and Ireland for his family roots.

“ In London (England) it has amazing burrito place… It was like subway, but for burritos an ten times better. ” Said Dylan

Dylan causal hobbies around the daily includes video games, and going out to shoot around. Also enjoying visiting around the states to see his other siblings with his dad. Dylan having five siblings including one brother and four sisters.

“I usually prefer for video games like first-person shooter, and just really go out and shoot a lot of stuff.” Said Dylan