The Detective’s Existence

Laurel Correa, Opinion Writer

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After a time, he became widely considered a “British cultural icon” according to Wikipedia’s definition. The character and stories have had a lasting effect on mystery writing and popular culture as a whole. For over one hundred years now, the original tales, as well as thousands written by authors other than Conan Doyle, were adapted for the stage, radio plays, television, films, video games, and several other media.

However, during the year of 2008, it seems the legend reached a new height when a survey was conducted with ending results showing that 58% of British teens thought he was a real person. This helps prove the point Holmes’s popularity and fame have become such that many have believed him to be not a fictional character but a real individual.

To continue, now, during the year of 2019, a new survey was conducted within the Seward High School which included that of two questions:

  1. “Who is Sherlock Holmes?”
  2. “Is Sherlock Holmes a fictional or non-fictional person?”

The survey results showed that 9 out of 10 believed Sherlock Holmes to be that of a fictional character. Leaving the last single person to see him as a real individual. However, to sum up their opinions on who he is, students agreed he was that of a British detective, “The world’s best,” according to senior, Matthew Parish. He solved mysteries and is well known throughout the world.

In the end, it may be a good guess to say that the majority of Seward High School students know who he is and that he is a fictional character. Although, for those that do see Holmes as a non-fictional character, we can also see the fact of which, through the various remakes, “large amounts of literary and fan societies have been founded that pretend to operate on the very principle of which Holmes is that of a real person,” according to And so, it is arguably easy to understand why some may be misled to see the Legendary Sherlock Holmes as a real person.