How to Live Your Life: May 5-11th

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How to Live Your Life: May 5-11th

Madvillain Dylan, Tell You How to Live

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Aries – You should find new friends! Some of your friends may be not be good for you. They don’t fit your actual personality. Don’t pretend to be who you’re not! Also, find some fun hobbies to do with your new friends. Or you can keep living the same lie the rest of your life, knowing you weren’t the best you.

Taurus – You should stop trying to please everyone around you. You are overly nice to people, but you should tone it down a bit. If you keep it up, people will end up walking all over you. Don’t do a 180 and become overly mean but stand up for yourself and live for you. That’s better than always being everyone’s lap dog and being treated poorly because people got so used to you being around they stopped appreciating you.

Gemini – You need to hang out with friends more. Your friends miss you and wanna be stupid with you, so get outta your closet and be stupid with them again. They know you are trying things out, but you should still make time for those who care about you. Careful, though, you take too long, and nobody will be there and you’ll be alone forever.

Cancer – Stop being so full of yourself and realize nobody wants to be around a narcissistic, egotistical, jerk. Keep on acting like an idiot and you will be just as alone as you are right now. Just because you’re going from group to group doesn’t change anything. None of them will actually be your real friend because of your selfish behavior. In fact, because you’re such a turd, you don’t get a joke.

Leo –  You should take a break this week and relax, eat what you want when you want, do what you want because you want to do it. Obviously, there are gonna be some things that you have to do throughout the week but ask for help. The people close to you won’t judge you for needing help. Even if you don’t need it and just want it to be done faster. This week, you should try not to hate so many people, let some stuff go. Just don’t let Gemini disappear on you.

Virgo – At last, you’re almost done with school! Which means you can relax a little before you start working full time again! Seriously, you need to stop and smell the roses. You almost never get to relax which is why I make it a point to tell you to relax so consistently. Be happy for a little and relax before you go back to stressing and working your butt off again. Just don’t randomly disappear for 3 weeks and show back up acting like you totally weren’t in Las Vegas wasting all you hard earned money.

Libra – Much like Virgo, you’re stressed. But you need to seriously take a break before you melt down…again. Also, this time don’t take your anger and stress out on your friends like usual. They are tired of it and makes them want to be around different people and avoid you. It looks like you’re always on the warpath with sunny days in between. By sunny days, I mean you being happy for all of five minutes.

Scorpio – Stop being over-dramatic. It’s okay to be sad once in a while but you’re sad… all the time. Realize that your friends care about you and all they try to do is help you, but you always push them away. It’s okay to be happy, don’t be afraid.  Happier life is much brighter than a gloomy one.

Sagittarius – You have been having a pretty peaceful time lately and seem to be doing well, which is awesome, and you should keep it up. You are a great shoulder to lean on and have an extremely rare trait also known as being a reliable person who can be trusted. Just know your friends appreciate you and will help if needed. Unless it’s money, because they are dirt broke.

Capricorn – You’re working on your life and that’s good. You have your closest friends that you can trust, keep it up! Stop waiting on others, though. You’ll just end up hurting yourself in the end. Unless you snap and hurt everyone else around you.

Aquarius – Try focusing on others more often! Others forget that you care because of how terrible your memory is! Try remembering the small things, they matter more. Sometimes it’s okay to go out and spend time with those who matter most to you, try doing something nice for other people. Today is probably a special day, and you wouldn’t even know it because of your terrible memory!

Pisces – You’ve hurt the ones that only loved and cared for you, but it doesn’t bother you, which is a very harsh thing to do. You should rethink your life decisions before you leave another close person in your life. You are not destined to be alone!