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Zodiac Jack’s Predictions 9/10 to 9/16

Jack Gunter, Seer

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Aries- A mentor might help you to achieve work-related goals that you have held onto for several months. You will have great success in work as long as you stay motivated by writing out your goals.


Taurus- Go on a small trip that you’ve been planning on taking for the last few months. Get your money that you’ve been waiting on this week. Commit to your plans or your life could take a very unexpected turn.


Gemini- Allow yourself to experience anything you enjoy this week. Indulge yourself in things you normally wouldn’t try. Make some changes in your life specifically to reduce your stress.


Cancer- Make an attempt to build stable relationships in your life. Start by inviting friends to activities that all of you enjoy. If you start small, then you can build lasting relationships.


Leo- Towards the end of the week, you might begin to focus on maintaining your physical health. Spend time on yourself this week, but don’t take too long or external events might fall apart.


Virgo- For some time, you might have felt as though ideas didn’t come to you easily, but they’ll flood you now. At this moment, you will have the confidence to act on these ideas. Have some fun with progressing on current projects.


Libra- Your life might feel a bit unstable overall, but try to find beauty in everything around you. If any major arguments come your way, then you should take the high road.


Scorpio- Any past miscommunications will be cleared up. If any of them revolved around an important subject, it could result in a small argument. Rather than arguing, try to start fresh.


Sagittarius- This week, you might feel free to spend more money than you’ve felt comfortable with lately. Projects that have been stalling will start to pick up speed around this time.


Capricorn- As your plans pick up this week, try to find people that can help you achieve your goals. Just keep in mind that you can reach your loftiest goals as long as you work on the smaller ones first.

Aquarius- This week, you’ll feel as though you have the power to reach your deepest desires. Don’t indulge in your desires too much, however, and try to stay productive.

Pisces- Starting Thursday, you will begin to realize what it is that you are passionate about. You will begin to surround yourself exclusively with people that share your values and interests.


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One Response to “Zodiac Jack’s Predictions 9/10 to 9/16”

  1. Cool Jack Attack on September 10th, 2018 1:50 pm

    Kool going Jack. Thank you for the Zodiac. Others may say this be wack, buy you is right, you is kind, you is loyal. Remember that. Appreciate yourself before you appreciate the societal pigs you may call classmates. They are all from the communist party. Do not let them fool you, stay strong. You will be rescued in due time. Until then, do not let them catch on, they may eat you. If they do, they will share your meat between them all because they are filthy Stalin lovers.
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    60°07’35.41″ N 144°26’53.97″ W 144ft e

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