SHS Today

2020-2021 Staff

Lucas Brockman

I like to make videos and podcasts once in a while, but mostly I just maintain the SHS website.

Wren Dougherty

Welcome back back back to my chanel. I am a junior, and this is my second year participating in SHS Today. I am a former podcaster, who is prepared to bring you interesting information about the students at Seward High. If you...

Trevor Guernsey

Hi people, I am excited to be a part of SHS today.  I look forward writing some interesting stories. I enjoy fishing, downhill skiing, snowmobiling, working on ATVs, snowmobiles and other cool things. Have a great day. :)

Paola Baez


Hello, hawks! I'm Paola Baez. This is my second year being a member of the awesome SHS Today. I have been previously a reporter but now I'm super excited to show you guys my new content. ;)

Gunnar Davis

Senior at SHS, and I contribute to the "Great Outdoors" tab on the home page. Filling it with my stories from my outside antics.

Cody Bryden

shake n bake

I can bait a hook a lot better then I can grammar, but that's okay. This is my second year writing for SHS today and my last year at Seward High School. I enjoy hitting the slopes and flying down mountains come winter. Look for...


bro i have no money

Anevay Ambrosiani


I love interacting with people. I love meeting someone new. I am in love with geo trackers, and you probably are too, but you just don't know it yet. My dream is to have a studio apartment in the heart of New York City that I...

Max Pfeiffenberger


Hi guys, check out my sick mullet in my profile pic. I bet you've never seen a redhead with a mullet before. Got this sick cut at SHS where dank stuff happens all the time.  

Jacob Wendt


Writer, Filmmaker, Big brain. "In order to get the bread, you gotta roll the dough." - "Wise man" Deven Melnik.

Clay Petersen

Big kid Now

Yes henlo I am man. Writing in my column. Sleepin. Havin fun. Have fun!

Devon Campbell


Hey y' already know who it is!! This will be my second and last year being apart of SHS Today. I am now Senior at Seward High School and I am so excited for you all to see me live and ready to display my humorous jokes...

Kylie Mullaly

Staff Writer

I’m Kylie. I’m a senior and this is my fourth year being involved with SHSToday. I’ve done everything from articles to stories to astrology predictions. My goal is to make our news as fun to read as they are to write. E...

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