SHS Today

2018-2019 Staff

Kyrsten Johnson-Gray

Student writer

I'm a junior at Seward High. I play volleyball and am a cheerleader. I enjoy music, reading, and investigative writing. I'm excited for my first year in journalism and gaining a student input on school related issues. I'm for...

Reanna Brewi

Staff Writer

Hi! I'm Reanna Brewi, a sophomore at Seward High, and this is my first semester of Journalism. I enjoy being around friends and family, art, and music. I partake in basketball and enjoy writing. I have written a few random articles...

Brendan McMurray

Production Contributor

Hi, my name is Brendan McMurray. I am a senior at Seward High School, and this is my first year in journalism. I’m enjoy hiking, camping, fishing, traveling, and watching movies. I’ve already participated in cross-country, ...

Laurel Correa


Hi! I'm Laurel Correa, a senior here at Seward High school, I really enjoy reading and books. Although I am not involved in any school sports I very much so enjoy fishing and hunting.  I am taking journalism for the first time ...

Shelly Sewell


Hello! I am Shelly Sewell and a junior at Seward High School! Im involved with sports including basketball,volleyball, and soccer. I am happy to post pictures to update on our Seahawk teamates on the road or on the home field!

Rachael O'Rourke

Movie Reviewer

Hey, I'm Rachael O'Rourke, a senior at Seward High School. I'm taking journalism this semester and might be adding some movie reviews and stuff to our schools website. :)

Joshua Park

Editor, Comic Writer

Hello, my name is Joshua (though Josh is also fine) and I'm currently a junior at Seward High School. I'll be trying to make some visual additions to the news site while also getting a few articles in on about some of the extracurricular...

Daisy Terry


I am a junior here at Seward high school, I enjoy reading and books. I play volleyball and basketball. I am very exited for my first year at journalism and to be able to work with all these amazing people!



Hi, I'm Ally Chryss. I am a junior at seward high school. I take pictures for the seward high school website, as well as doing photography on my own outside of school. I moved here from North Carolina when I was in 7th grade and...



Hi, I'm Dylan Dunning; I'm a Junior at Seward High School. Daisy insists I say more so, I like video games, snowboarding, gronks, and sarcasm. Now Rachael is insiting I say I'm doing a podcast and helping Jack with his horoscopes. ...

Jack Gunter

Staff Writer

Salutations peers, I'm Jack! I enjoy expanding my intellect by reading classical literature, practicing calligraphy, and studying cartography. My favorite outdoor activities are playing hockey and roaming the nearby wilderness.

Lucas Brockman

ash main

Hey guys, I'm Lucas and also a member of the journalism class where my friends and I host a podcast. This class is great so far so I'm excited to see what we can do!

Sophia Dow


I am a junior at Seward High School. I have one younger sister in middle school and two dogs. I play several sports such as cross country, basketball, and soccer. This is my first year in journalism. I enjoy reading and writing,...

Madilyn Moore

Staff Writer

I'm a junior here at Seward High.  I'm not a big sports fanatic, but I do swimming and did soccer for the first time last year.  I have two older brothers and an older sister.  I've lived in Seward since I turned seven.  I...

Meghan Mullaly

Staff Writer

Hey, I'm Meghan! I am a senior here at Seward High School and this is my second year in journalism.  I participate in school sports such as swimming and soccer. As well as many school activities and programs. I enjoy writing...

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