The Galaxy’s Effects on You! 10/1-10/7

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The Galaxy’s Effects on You! 10/1-10/7

Zodiak Jack & Madvillian Dylan, Predict Your Week

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Aries- This week, you might have a few small problems with romantic relationships that can be easily dealt with, and shouldn’t pose a serious problem. If you want to have more intimate relations, you’re going to have to dig deep in your partner’s feelings and stuff. However, don’t pull a Nickelodeon and ruin your relationship by trying to dig into your partner’s feelings without them knowing.   -Madvillain Dylan

Taurus- This week, you need to get out and do some stuff. Stop telling people you’re busy and then just sit at home, bored. Get out and mingle with others, start a cult, or something equally exciting.   -Madvillain Dylan

Gemini- This week, if you’re not careful, you will go through money as fast as a rich man/woman’s spouse. To prevent this, you should set a baseline that you always need in your bank account. That way you can always have that certain amount of money in case of emergencies.   -Madvillain Dylan

Cancer- This week is the time to evolve as a person and grow up; you can’t be a kid forever. It is finally time to leave those atrocious ex-husbands/boyfriends behind. Be wary of bad decisions involving people of your past, and instead, look towards the future.   -Madvillain Dylan

Leo- Lately, you have sacrificed too much for others and need to think about yourself. It is time for you to sit back and relax. Do what you want or even need — even if it’s a little pricey; spend that money, honey.   -Madvillain Dylan

Virgo- This is the week for you to go on a social media purge. Whether that means whom you follow or old photos, it’s up to you. Do you really need to have that photo of you dabbing as your profile pic? Now’s the time for you to shine on social media; go for it and have fun.   -Madvillain Dylan

Libra- Listen girl, we both know you have too much on your plate and need to decide one thing and stick to it. Do that one thing the best you can and reap the rewards of your excellence. Then start back at square one and repeat. As long as you take it one by one, everything will work out.   -Madvillain Dylan

Scorpio- You should think about going on a vacation. Whether you are just going on a little weekend trip to Anchorage or your just gonna wave away all responsibilities like an adult and go to Madagascar to see the lemurs and possibly see some tactical penguins.   -Madvillain Dylan

Sagittarius- Take a break from your constant obsessiveness with decorating and customization over this week. You may be feeling tired from putting many hours of work into projects.     –Zodiac Jack

Capricorn- This week, the planet Venus will drive you to indulge yourself in basic pleasures. Whether you feel inclined to eat ice cream, gamble away all your money, or have a shotgun wedding, you should go through with it.   -Zodiac Jack

Aquarius- Now is the time to try new things, including that recipe that you have been planning to cook (Grandma’s cookie recipe, yum! ). Planning is key, have a fun get together with friends or just a nice night in with a good book and some candles. Organization is important and will help you have something to look forward to.   -Madvillain Dylan

Pisces- This week, you should take charge of your life. If people are causing problems in your life or slowing you down, you shouldn’t be afraid to tell them this. Don’t withhold any strong feelings that you have, or you might release them in an intense moment.   -Zodiac Jack