The Galaxy’s Effects on YOU! 11/5-11/11

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The Galaxy’s Effects on YOU! 11/5-11/11

Zodiak Jack & Madvillain Dylan, Predict Your Week

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Aries- You should learn from any bad experiences that you’ve had lately. Not like that’s something you ideally already do after you do anything ever. Take the lesson, apply it to your life, and you might achieve more than normal this week. Try to be normal and take the weekend off.

Taurus- Your main goals for this week should be to be completely honest and open with everybody. You should only lose a few friends by being too honest. However, if they can’t take the truth, then are they really worth it? Although you might find this hard, it will strengthen bonds with your friends.

Gemini- Ignore your work for this week and focus on yourself. Because they can’t fire/fail you, right?!?! No, they wouldn’t do that; you’re too special. Bring more of whatever helps you reduce stress into your life. Take this weekend to catch up on the work that you’ve ignored.

Cancer- This week you will be tempted to make impulsive financial decisions. Be sure to set a strict spending limit before you enter any store. Or, knowing your lack of self control when dealing with shopping, bring a friend who hates it; so not only can you torture them; but they will keep you from buying all those things you “need.” Relax and leave yourself some breathing room if you find yourself in any awkward situations relationship-wise.

Leo- If anybody has been annoying you lately, and knowing humanity that’s definitely happening, make sure they know it. Don’t be afraid to tell them about their flaws, but be sure to recognize that you also have your own.

Virgo- You’ll be feeling more sociable than normal this week, which means that you should try expanding your inner circle of friends. However, try not to hang out with someone you’re gonna hate in a week; all that does is cause drama. Invite an acquaintance out for an activity that you would normally save for your close friends.

Libra- Be headstrong and ruthless while keeping your emotions in check over these next couple weeks. Resolve any problems that have been nagging at you for a long period of time. If that problem is a person, drop them and go hang with our editor (Swander). Just don’t let your emotions take control when it comes to people.

Scorpio- Be more self-supportive and take some me-time. Use that bath bomb you’ve been saving for a special occasion. Try to make your own life easier because you are important. Get a manicure, pedicure, and maybe even take a spa day.

Sagittarius- You should throw a small party with only people you like; plus that one kid you don’t to add some spice to your group. Take some pictures to commemorate the moment. After your little gathering, put those pictures into a scrapbook and show all your friends what you do with your time.

Capricorn- You need to organize your life. Whether you start with your locker, room, or even vehicle. It’s been awhile since you’ve cleaned and your environment is probably a little dirty.

Aquarius- After waiting moderately patiently for all these months, it’s time to relax harder than you have ever relaxed before. Life will have to wait its turn because it is your time to be awesome. In just a few days, your life will be complete, and you can die happy–no strings attached.

Pisces- Get out and do stuff, go crazy with your friends. Maybe not “wake up in a jail cell crazy,” but how about waking up in Las Vegas with a white bengal tiger licking your feet as you almost choke on grandma’s chocolate chip cookies.