Student Council Seeks New Members

Creeanna Whitcome, Staff Editor

Seward High is small, but, as we all know, mighty. This would not be possible without participation from the students. Whether it be perseverance through early morning practices or setting up a school dance, the students are the coal that keeps the school burning with activity. One student led organization in specific continually makes an impact on Seward High: Student Council (a student led council which handles school affairs). A great asset for a college application and a key player in keeping SHS diverse with recreation, Student Council welcomes new opinions and perspectives. In fact, Student Council elections are coming up in December and the group encourages new students to run for office.

Student Council is responsible for many SHS activities. The most prominent of which are Homecoming, the end of the year picnic, class elections, spirit weeks, fundraisers, and attending the district-wide student council meeting. For those interested in helping the community, making a change in our school, or having their opinion heard, the council is a place for you.

Within the purpose of the council, there are specific duties of each position: president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, activities director, and parliamentarian. The president is director of each meeting and is responsible for representing the council at various events. As for the vice president, his/her duty is to assist and advise in place of the president. The next position is the secretary whose main duty is to keep the minutes of the meetings which are then presented at the next meeting. The treasurer is a similar position, but instead of taking minutes, he/she keeps track of the council’s funds. Then there is the activities director. His/her duty is to ensure activities, such as dances, spirit week, and the end of the year picnic, are in order. The last, but not least, position is parliamentarian; his/her duty is to enforce the rules of the council. Each position is crucial in the function of Student Council.

For anyone interested in making a difference, having their opinion heard, or simply helping out their school, run for a student council position this December. To run, acquire a nomination form from Mr. Hinders and obtain the necessary signatures (exact dates will be posted closer to the election). After you are officially nominated, you are required to deliver a speech during the election assembly (which has no time limit). Then, the decision is up to the student population.

For students who would like their voice heard but is not interested in a large commitment, feel free to join the Wednesday lunch meetings. Student Council is eager for new opinions, so come out and run this December, or simply join the council at the Wednesday meetings (in Mr. Hinders’ room).