Why am I ineligible, and how can I get better grades?

Lindy Guernsey, Staff Editor

Dear SHS Today,

Why am I ineligible, and how can I get better grades?


Dear Anonymous,

At SHS, students have to be academically eligible to participate in sports, DDF, student council, and National Honors Society. Passing your classes is important even if you don’t want to be in the above activities. To graduate high school you have to pass 22 credits. It’s important to graduate because it will help you when you apply for jobs after high school. Colleges can be selective in whom they accept, and having a good GPA can help you get in. Therefore, keep in mind that good grades will help you in the future.

Why am I ineligible? At SHS, if you have any F’s or less than a 2.0 when eligibility check happens, you are not eligible. Students should get in the habit of keeping their grades up. At the end of the quarter/semester, there is no grace period. The one week grace period is only for midterm checks, and during that time, students must raise their grades. Then they can get a form from Martha and take it to their teachers to sign verifying the grades. Turning the form in before the end of the week is required.

How can I get better grades? Don’t skip class! Skipping class will harm your grades because being in class helps you absorb information. Sometimes, teachers will grade you on your participation in class, so be sure to show up and engage. Also, don’t let your phone distract you from class.

Get organized.  Having your locker and schoolwork organized is beneficial because you will have assignments easily accessible. Consider getting (and using) a planner to help you keep track of what you need to do and be sure to figure out when you plan on doing it. A free phone app is another great planning option. Also, prioritizing is important. Remember, not all teachers take late work, so keep that in mind and know late work policies. Do your classwork and homework, making sure that you follow directions. Don’t cheat on your work because you will not be learning the material, so when there is test, you won’t perform well. Plus, you are taking a risk of getting a zero if caught.  

Keep these hints in mind as you go through your classes to improve your grades. When you have good grades, you won’t have to rush when eligibility comes around.


SHS Today

Lindy Guernsey (Staff Editor)

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