Seahawk Basketball Hosts Houston and Redington

Elena Hamner, Staff Editor

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Excitement was in the air the afternoon of Thursday, January 14th, and not because it was the eve of Friday the 13th and the infamous spookiness that is attached to the specific date, but because of the two days of basketball games held at Seward High School. The Thursday games began with the jump ball between Seward’s boys junior varsity team and Redington’s. It was an intense game. Both crowds ferociously routed for their beloved home teams; however, after 32 minutes, the game ended in Seward’s favor. The cheerful end to the first game led a hopeful transition into the girls varsity game.

As everyone settled in for another game, Seahawk fans hoped for the same outcome, but the Huskies desired a different one. This game, though just as much fun, saw the intensity rise as the girls varsity teams started to show their colors.  After another 32 minutes of playing, the game ceased with a score of 26-Seward, 13-Redington. The aroma of success wafted through our gymnasium and led us into the third and final game of the night: the boys varsity game. As the referee tossed the ball into the air and blew the whistle, the sudden rush of the players indicated the start of the first quarter. Minutes flew by, along with the ball, and the players chasing anxiously after it. By the end of the third quarter, the Seahawks had secured the win. The fourth quarter came to an end with a final score of 65-Seward, 21-Redington — a massive win awarded to massive efforts.

Saturday rolled around and another fun-filled day with the rivaling teams of Seward vs. Houston, beginning with the J.V teams at 10:30 a.m. Game after game was played. Girls J.V led the way with a strong effort of 15-Seward, 23-Houston, followed by a close game between the boys J.V teams with the score of 38-Seward, 31-Houston — a well fought victory. These two games, played very well, set the stage for the varsity teams. Before the changeover from junior varsity to varsity, the national anthem was stunningly delivered by Lori Allen.

The girls varsity game was indeed one to watch. With help from both Seward and Houston cheerleaders, the crowds cheered so loudly people could barely hear their own thoughts. The game came to an end with a score of 32-Seward, 34-Houston, leading into the final game of an intense and exciting two days. New faces, new cheers, new strategies were brought to the court during the boys varsity game. Back and forth went the ball, the fouls, the players, and the points until the concluding seconds that held the final score of 59-Seward, 70-Houston.

Although the scoreboard didn’t always show what Seward expected, the games against Redington and Houston proved we have the effort; we have the commitment; and we have the talent. This combination forecasts a promising season for the Seahawks.  Now, we look forward to the Seahawk Classic, February 2-4.  If the Seahawks can post some winning scores during that tournament, we will be green and… golden.