To Ski or Not to Ski

Tanis Lorring, Staff Editor

This last weekend, our Nordic ski team traveled to Palmer for a meet. With fresh powder and an endless snowfall, it couldn’t be described as anything other than magical. Twelve skiers had the chance to compete in a beautiful, yet not too hilly course. On Friday, they competed in a skate ski race while on Saturday, they classic skied. Junior Ruby Lindquist won third place in the girls’ varsity skate race with a time of 13:43 and her sister, Sadie, raced to thirteenth place with a time of 16:00. The boys’ varsity race was jam-packed as well. Senior Logan Smith received a time of 15:15 and junior Egor Sturdy was right behind at 15:21.

The course, while beautiful, did have its downfalls. It was not only a continuous snowfall, but the cold conditions made the course tricky. The inner turns were incredibly icy, causing trouble for varsity skiers, and the trail was “chewed up,” said Logan, after all the JV racers had finished. While the course was tricky, the skiers never failed to deliver a thrilling race.

Sadie and Ruby could be seen sprinting through the snow for one reason only: To cheer on the JV girls. All the girls stood in the freezing cold to catch the varsity boys come down the last hill. It was a weekend of suspense, waiting for one another to finish. The course was loud, packed with spectators and coaches, parents and friends. One after another, skiers flew down the hill, encouraged by the people watching them.

Such a thrilling race proves there’s just more to be expected out of this season. “I think everyone did great,” said Ruby Lindquist. “I just want people to feel accomplished, to achieve something, but most of all to have fun. As long as they feel that way, it was all worth it.” She smiled, anticipating the races to come.

Skiing is full of adrenaline, steep hills, and staggering breaths. But a family is at its heart. They support you and encourage you; they push you to be better but accept you even when you fall short. So next year, you may find yourself considering joining the ski team. My answer would be “Ski.” As this last race has proven, you will find joy in the shortest breaths, happiness in the support your team provides. Racing through knee-deep snow will become your life, and you will find yourself looking forward to the next practice in 2-degree weather. You only live once, so push your limits and ski.