Another Success


Creeanna Whitcome, Staff Editor

Another successful season of Drama Debate and Forensics (DDF) has come to an end. The most prevalent academic program at Seward High, the DDF team, attended state the 25th-27th of February.

The state team consisted of Joel Williams, Joshua Park, Lindy Guernsey, Ashley Guernsey, Creeanna Whitcome, Hope Quinn, Elena Hamner, Megan Koster, Karl Pffeifenberger, Heleana Backus, and Jasmine White. After three twelve-hour days of performing and debating, the award ceremony revealed placings all across the board. Lindy Guernsey placed fifth in congress while Ashley placed sixth.This event models the national level Congress by giving every participant a senator name and allowing them to give a short speech on piece of legislation. Also, Elena Hamner placed top ten out of thirty-two for excom (a three to four minute speech on an item, person, place). The participants gets fifteen minutes to write a speech, but cannot use their notes during performance. All together, the season was successful, especially considering the team was at a disadvantage after not being able to attend the meet prior to state.

The next season will be suffering a huge loss as the team says goodbye to senior (Hope Quinn) and the coach, Mr. Wayne. According to Hope, “the team is a family” and support system. Also, participating in the events has helped overcome her speaking anxiety by teaching her how to organize thoughts and boost confidence in her speaking abilities. As for the loss of the coach, the team is still awaiting someone to fill the position. However, they wish him best on his travels in Africa and have learned much under his guidance. I, as captain, have grown much as a debater and an overall appreciator of politics in these past two years and have enjoyed working with Mr. Wayne to mentor such an amazing group of students. Hopefully, the years to come will continue the team’s success under new leadership and novice participants.