When Science Gets Exciting


Tanis Lorring, Staff Editor

On Wednesday, March 22, Mrs. Brasher’s anatomy class took a field trip to Anchorage. They visited the UAA Health & Sciences building, speaking with various nurses and physicians, and learning more about the field of medicine. “This field trip truly served as a facet for kids to become more connected with the medical field. I think that all the students benefitted from this and were fascinated with the complicated inner-workings of the human body,” explained Anatomy teacher, Mrs. Brasher.

The students started the day off with a medical simulation. Everyone was divided into two groups and sent to diagnose certain patients. The “patients” actually turned out to be interactive rubber dummies. The students learned how to measure vital signs and detect various health issues, while at the same time experiencing the daily life of a doctor or nurse. “The sim was probably the most important part of the trip. It allowed the kids to work together and actually gain experience as doctors.” Mrs. Brasher giggled when remembering the dummy her group diagnosed, whose name turned out to be Darth Vader.

After treating the “patients,”  kids then received the opportunity to examine a cadaver, or the body of a person who died and donated his or her body to science. Donning white lab coats and protective goggles, they encountered several blue body bags containing the remains of various people. Students held the lungs and brains of different people, learning hands-on more about the way our bodies work. “It was actually really cool,” said junior Egor Sturdy. “It was a real dead body, a once-in-a-lifetime experience and it was cool to have the chance to see it.”

Finally, all the students gathered in a nurse’s classroom to see how potential nurses are trained. Some kids learned about bedsores, or pressure ulcers, and how to prevent them, while others practiced taking blood pressure and heart rate.

Overall, students who went on this trip came back informed and excited about the world of medicine. Those already looking forward to medical school now have a better idea of what to expect when applying for colleges. Not only did the field trip prove incredibly beneficial, but it instilled excitement and awe in those who participated.