Memorable Seahawk Soccer Season


Lindy Guernsey, Staff Editor

The Seahawk soccer players travelled all over the peninsula and beyond to places like Reddington to participate in the sport. Since the teams had a lack of players, they made the best of playing a JV schedule. As the season continued, the players improved their soccer skills and became a more cohesive team.

For the girls’ team, Tia Miranda was the captain; the boys’ captains changed every game. Home games and away games alike, the teams played their best — despite injuries. The girls’ season finished with two wins and eight losses; however, the boys won more of their games. Miranda explains that “finishing my last year, senior year, playing, although not always winning, it was fun to be out there and play for the girls.” She considered this year a good year to finish with. Miranda also enjoyed being the team’s captain. “It’s nice, and it’s rewarding,” she reflected.


“Getting to know the teammates and making friends” was Stephanie Ball’s favorite part, along with improving. “It was fun, and Coach Wayne was nice,” she commented. “Wasilla, the last game” was Ball’s favorite because “we did really well, even though we lost.” Also, Miranda considered the Wasilla game “a good note to end on.” According to sophomore Nathaniel Basalo, “The [boys’] game was more than fun because we got to play the last game, and we won.”

During halftime of the boys’ Wasilla game, both teams honored their seniors. Tia Miranda and Basil Dougherty were the only seniors on the girls’ team. Kjell Nilsson, Sullivan Hauze, and Roma Hamner were the seniors on the boys’ team. All in all, both teams had a great season that ended with memorable games against Wasilla. Displaying IMG_20170501_234534_478.jpg