In Comparison: What Lucia Lambordia Thinks


Dania Schulze, Staff Writer


If you have never been to another school other than Seward High, you are used to everything that’s going on. You miss the old carpet because you know what it was like to eat with your friends in the hallway. You know what the dungeon is and know nearly everybody. However, how does SHS and Seward itself feel like if you have never been here before? How special, or even weird, the culture in Seward High is to someone who is new in the Seward area?

To answer all these questions, I interviewed Lucia Lambordia, a foreign exchange student from Spain. She is a junior and plays volleyball at Seward High School. She doesn’t see everything as special or weird when she compares it to Spain, but some things are different.

“The beautiful landscape, it is very different to Spain; we don’t have mountains where I live, ” responded Lucia quickly when I asked her what she likes about Seward. She also really likes that doing sports is so common, and nearly everybody joins a team. Although, she misses gymnastics because that is the sport she does in Spain. Sports is not the only difference to Lucia thinks of comparing Seward to Spain.

Lucia’s favorite subject, art, is “really different” at her school in Spain. “We have an activity book we have to work on, ” Lucia explains. Art is not the only subject that is different in Spain. “Journalism does not exist in Spain, but we have foods too. ”

The biggest difference between SHS and her Spanish school is that she has all her classes with “the same people. ” This means that you stay in the same classroom and your teachers come to your classroom. You only change the classroom to go to the laboratory for science or biology class. Being with the same class for all four years of high school may sound weird to you but is a normality to Lucia and her classmates in Spain. Instead of designing her own schedule that would be a job for the school staff to do.

All in all, the biggest difference for Lucia and probably all foreign exchange students is the different language and the new culture they have to get used to. Fortunately the people in a school are always the unique quality making it a special experience.