In Comparison: What Dania Schulze Thinks


Lucia Lombardia, Staff Writer

Dania Schulze, an exchange student from Germany, left her country this summer to start a new lifestyle in Seward during the next six months and also to learn a new language and culture.

The most different thing for Dania at SHS is that the people are nicer and the teachers are friendly, and also, this school has more money than her school in Germany. For example, there are laptops for each student and smartboards in all the classes; however, there are less students here.

In Germany, she neither has fun subjects like cooking or art in the normal schedule. If she wants any of those subjects, she has to go after school and have a longer schedule those days. Of course, she enjoys her favorite subjects: cooking, art and language arts.

In comparison, however, she prefers her German schedule. Her everyday schedule is from 7:45am to 12:55pm except Thursday when she has classes until 3:00pm. In addition, there are more and varied subjects everyday.

Even though she has never run long distances in her entire life before coming here, cross country running is the sport she plays. She feels very comfortable. “Everybody supports me. The people were so nice to me since I arrived.“ Something to emphasize is that people are much more warm and nice than in Germany.

One thing Dania misses from Germany is the weather. It is very different because here is always raining even if it’s summer or winter, and a person which is from a very hot summer obviously doesn’t like this weather. That’s why she appreciates the sunny days; however, two things that she doesn’t have where she lives are the ocean and the beautiful landscapes.

She is already missing her family and friends, but she is very glad with all the good friends she has made. And she thinks that this is going to be an unique and unforgettable experience.