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 Calling All Musicians and Singers

Eliza Goddard, Staff Writer

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Seward High School contains students with great talent; this can include sports, academics, and so much more. When it comes down to the musicians and singers, they are most likely participating in Music Collective. Some members have been playing nearly their whole lives, while others never touched an instrument before. Nevertheless, all are welcome in the music room.

Sophomore Naomi Ifflander is one of the singers in Music Collective. When interviewed, Naomi was asked about the overall effect Music Collective has had on her high school career. “It made [high school] a little bit more diverse,” she answered.  A couple ways Naomi describes this group would be “cool” and “fun.”

Anevay Ambrosiani is a freshman in Music Collective and mentions how she gets free reign on what she preforms. Although she mostly sings, she does get a little piano time. When asked about her thoughts on being able to play what she wants, she mentioned “It’s nice… I like being able to choose what you’d like to play.” Noting her history as a choir student, I asked her how choir differed from Music Collective. She replied, “Choir is only singing — you can try new things in Music Collective.”

Joel Williams is a senior who has been a part of the group since its inception. When asked about his overall thoughts of Music Collective, he stated, “It’s like a family.” Performing on stage with his ukulele and piano is “exhilarating but fun.”  

Although Music Collective can be intimidating, it can also be fun and exhilarating. If you would like to find out how to join “the family,” head over to the Seward High School music room at lunch on Tuesday or Thursday and hang out. You don’t have to commit; just show up and give it a free trial. Also, make sure to keep an eye out for flyers on their upcoming concert in January at the Rez Art.



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  1. Highschool Student on October 30th, 2017 2:05 pm

    I love this article! Great Job Eliza!

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 Calling All Musicians and Singers