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Take It From Us

Elena Hamner, Staff Editor

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I can still remember first grade when my confident six year old self educated  my friends on what high school would be like: “In high school, you fold your arms and carry your books like this…” *demonstration*. I remember how slow the days went by, and how upset we were when we found out that our teachers weren’t the same. It was a different life, an easier life. I almost wish I could go back. Almost.

However, being a high school student isn’t so bad when you think about it. Increased freedom, increased respect, and most importantly, increased cash flow (given we’re now old enough to hold a job). But, pleasures aside, being in high school is a lot of work, especially when you become an “upper classman.”. This is where it starts.

Many, myself included, underestimate the planning needed to take a step into our future. As a junior, it is pressed upon you to start looking at colleges, and figuring out what you want to do with your life. Though, at the time, it all seems redundant and annoying, it couldn’t be more accurate. Many will say “Who cares? You’re 17 (or 18); you’re young! You have plenty of time to figure it out.” I, for one, highly agreed with this statement, using it to justify my lack of responsibility.

I am a senior in high school. I applied to two colleges, Lewis-Clark State College and Cottey College, and have received my acceptance letter to both. It may be early in the year to be worrying about it, sure, but is it really? I applied to my colleges in mid-October, and received the letters almost a month and a half later. Ask anyone, this is a normal time-frame for one to hear back;however, if you wait until after the New Year to apply to college, that gives you very little wiggle-room for further actions.

There are many different points to consider when searching for your school: courses, programs/activities, resident life, location, staff/students, and the one that is always on everyone’s mind, tuition. There is so much to keep in mind, that finding a school becomes a sour process, rather than sweet. The trick is to take a deep breath. Often, once you begin to look, you feel as though you are racing against the clock, time crunching, but you have to remember that if you take it step-by-step, it becomes simple, and… dare I say… fun.

One of the most common mistakes that is made is having the mindset that reading about the school should give you enough information to make the right decision. Though gathering this information is good, there is something enlightening, and needed, about going to the college campus itself. So far, seniors Maille Moriarty, Megan Koster, Ruby Lindquist, and myself have taken college tours.


“What I got out of my college trip is a better feel for the college environment, I guess. And I was able to see what a day in the college life was for every college I visited, so I pretty much know what I’m going into.” -Ruby Lindquist


“It was really awesome. I did two kinds of tours: one with a big group of people who were also looking, and one with just me and another student showing me around. It really helped me decide where I wanted to go. I could see how the student life was, what the dorms were like, what the food was actually like, stuff like that. It also gave me a better idea of how far I would have to walk to classes.” -Maille Moriarty


In addition to Maille’s statement, Megan voiced that it is an important opportunity that allows a student to experience the campus life, and learn about the school on a more intimate level. Ruby added, in an earlier interview about her trip to Black Hills University, “[she] had to look at it as ‘if I wasn’t coming here to run, would I still want to go here?’”.  A philosophy that isn’t given attention when reading the home website of the school.

Long story short, college tours are a must. Not only will they help you make a decision, but help build confidence in that decision. When some doors close, others will open. This is your life that you will be planning. You will open at the close of Seward High’s doors; make sure you at least have the key to the next set.


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