Seahawk Hoops Update

Anevay Ambrosiani, Staff Writer

It’s that time of year again, where basketball is the main buzz of the community. Not only are the players hyped but so are the coaches.

Coach Berry states the girls varsity season “is going by fast” and is “pleased with what we are doing as a program.” Coach Plan says the boys basketball season is going well. With six upperclassmen and seven lowerclassmen, he states that they “have a fairly young team.” But that doesn’t stop them from competing against 4A schools and in three-day-long tournaments.

Two of these tournaments occurred in February. The lady Seahawks took second in our annual Seahawk Classic, and placed fourth in the Elks Tournament in Valdez. The boys placed second in the Seahawk Classic, as well and took sixth in the Elks Tournament.

In the Seahawk Classic, the girls battled out an intense game against Hutchison. An unbelievable steal and fast break by Ashley Jackson tied the game at 27 points, which lead to overtime. Tenacious defensive tactics attempting to cause turnovers resulted in too many fouls for Seward. Near the end, Hutchison’s clutch free throws secured them a two point win and first place in the tournament.  

That winning two-point margin also appeared on the scoreboard for the boys. It was a hard-fought effort by Seward against Hutchison of Fairbanks. Senior Case Estes, who’s known for his scrappy defense, consistently frustrates opposing guards and causes turnovers every time he takes the court. He also has success with assists, but during the tournament, Case wanted to step up his offensive game by aggressively “taking the ball to the hoop.” And that’s exactly what he did.  Even though the Seahawks lost by two points, they felt good about keeping pace with a team like Hutch. Playing each game to improve was the tournament focus, and Seward accomplished this goal.

As the season hits its peak, be sure to tune into upcoming home games and come out to support your local Seahawks. Thursday, February 22, Seward hosts conference leader ACS: junior varsity girls play at 3:00 and boys at 4:30; varsity girls play at 6:00 and boys at 7:30. Then, on Friday, Redington will be in town — games at the same times. The third day will start with games at noon on Saturday against Grace Christian.