The Real Madi Moore


Meghan Mullaly, Staff Writer

When people think of Madilyn Moore they associate her with a sense of calmness and believe her to be an overall cautious person. However, in recent conversation the truth appeared…Moore has an addiction. Her addiction is far worse than that of drugs or alcohol, she is addicted to adrenaline rushes.

Moore’s addiction started with her father. When visiting the local post office together, a door clearly marked Emergency Exit Only tempted the duo to break the rules. Even with the fear of an emergency alarm sounding they pushed the door wide open. According to Moore “it said do not exit unless an emergency, this was no emergency and yet [we] exited.” The adrenaline rush she received was like no other, and ever since she has never been the same.

She has attempted to satisfy her addiction in safer ways. She has tried sitting on the edges of tall buildings and even volunteered to fight off a bear terrorizing the children at the elementary school. However, none of these task have ever felt them same as disobeying the posted door signs.

In an attempt to fulfill her addiction, Moore simply does the opposite of the each door sign. “Whenever a door says to push I pull first” she said. Any door not marked or is a swinging door (meaning it opens both ways), Moore chooses to avoid. In these situations she normally freaks out a little bit, has a heated moment, and leaves the situation calmly. She would rather find another way.

Her favorite doors are those found at Walmart, FredMeyer, and other similar stores. The automatic sliding action and apparent sense of order they are suppose to present, give her the largest adrenaline rush. They are so clearly marked which side is the entrance and which is the exit, that going against it makes her feel “like a salmon swimming upstream.” Every time she encounters ones of these doors, she has to go against the flow, regardless of the crowd pushing against her.

Moore has been attempting to get a handle on her addiction as she doesn’t want it to rip her family apart. She wants to try and be the calm and normal girl everyone thinks she is, but will continue to use the emergency exit at the post office as long as she lives.