Woman DESTROYS Big Pharma in EXPLOSIVE Interview

Jack Gunter

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Rachael O’Rourke comes from humble beginnings. Her rise to the world stage began when she was born into an Irish household in the small town of Healy, Alaska. This harsh environment taught her to revel in the practical. She enjoys honest work like making pottery, driving trucks, and tackling Big Pharma.

The “messed up” pharmaceutical industry has been ripping off desperate customers since it’s inception. O’Rourke believes “there should be some sort of limit”, but the U.S. government doesn’t care about people like her. They support the greedy bourgeoisie by upholding little to no regulations on pricing. Will the government change it’s ways or will it let us fall into another capitalist trap?

There have been many instances in which the government seems to support Big Pharma. Within a time span of two weeks three opponents of the corrupt pharmaceutical industry were murdered. Local police couldn’t solve the cases and suggested that they could have been suicides. These people were just like O’Rourke; people that just wanted to  “not be worried” about what might happen in the future. Could our humble, hardworking, dedicated friend be the next to die at the hands of Big Pharma?

O’Rourke doesn’t worry about that much. Once she has taken down the avaricious pill rollers she would like to visit the Ireland. She appreciates her family and wants the best for them. Big Pharma wants to destroy families, and she vows to go on until they’re taken out.