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A Distant Nerd Intro

Joshua Park, Nerd

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So, this is happening…

Welcome to A Distant Nerd, a series of articles that will probably talk about my travels around the world. Exciting, I know. Most of the series will likely just be my personal commentary but I might add in a couple drawings or pictures to kinda spice it up, you know?

For my first set of articles, I’ll be focusing on my spring trip to Spain and Portugal. Great places with a whole lot of stuff to do and not do. While I could talk about all of the wondrous things you could do in Spain and Portugal when you have your eventual trip to Europe whenever years from now, I could also tell you some potentially useful advice I got from some native citizens on parts of the culture, lifestyle, and more unique characteristics of the countries. This is what I’ll probably do, but in a hopefully not useless and slightly amusing way. So… I’ll probably see you guys again in the next article. Until then…


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  1. jswander on February 15th, 2019 11:55 am

    Can’t wait for the next article! What will this nerd experience?!

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