Distant Glasses Intro

Joshua Park, Nerd

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So, this is happening…

Welcome to Distant Glasses, a series of articles that will probably talk about my travels around the world. Exciting, I know. Most of the series will likely just be my personal commentary but I might add in a couple drawings or pictures to add some flavor.

For my first set article, I’ll be focusing on my spring trip to Spain and Portugal. Great places with a whole lot of stuff to do and not do. While I could talk about all of the wondrous things you could do in Spain and Portugal when you have your eventual trip to Europe whenever years from now, I could also tell you some potentially useful advice I got from some native citizens on parts of the culture, lifestyle, and more unique characteristics of the countries. This is what I’ll probably do, but in a hopefully not useless and slightly amusing way. So… I’ll probably see you guys again in the next article. Until then…