Region Ballers


Reanna Brewi and Sophia Dow

As the season comes to an end, our seniors are taking a look at how the years of basketball have gone by. Senior Nathaniel Basalo thinks that “[the] team this year is a lot better than the last two years.” He says they hadn’t “won many games,” but this year they are “winning a lot and getting [their] team together.” Senior Riley von Borstel expands on this by saying she is “going to miss” the Seward High basketball team.

Senior Ashley Jackson’s favorite part of being in the program is “being part of a team.” Since she’s played basketball for all four years, she has noticed that over time the team is “together for so long that you become more of a family.”

As we know, basketball is a major commitment. Von Borstel spoke of basketball “[teaching] [her] a lot of responsibility,” because it takes up most of your time from “November to March.” Riley also talked about the amount of “resilience” you need because you have to “push through the pain” of sickness. You must have “balance” in your life to be able to “not get behind on other things.”

Senior Josh Jarvis speaks about the season saying “It was sad when the season ended.” Although, he tries to focus on the fact that he got to “play this season with the boys.” As you can see, the seniors have looked back on this season being one of the best.

The lady Seahawks finished the regional tournament playing a rough game with ACS Lions and a back and forth game with the Redington Huskies that they would eventually lose. Seahawk boys would end their season with one regions win to the Houston Hawks and losses to the ACS Lions and Kenai Kardinals.

Jarvis was awarded with the tournament Sportsmanship award. Sam Koster and Max Pheiffenberger  were named to the second All-Tournament Team. Junior Connor Spanos was also added to the first All-Tournament Team. The last award of regions was given to Albert Plan, the Coach of the Year.