Your Life This Week: April 1-7


Mad-Villain Dylan, Tell You How to Live

Aries – Be careful what you say this week. Try to remember that other people have feelings too while your off being a big scary hothead. However, if you do hurt someone you care about, just make sure to say you’re sorry and make it up to them. You should know, though, that you’re not an idiot. Use common sense, moron.

Taurus – This week, you should get out and take some walks, jump in the ocean, just go crazy. This week should be fairly nice, but I’m no weatherman, so don’t quote me on that. It’s finally not just snowing or raining, so why stay inside when you can go outside again.

Gemini – This week, you should take some time to yourself. Figure out what you want in life and what you need to do to get it. Just like everyone else ever, you got problems that need solutions; some quiet thinking time will get you those solutions. Or you can continue to hide from your problems and forever be depressed.

Cancer – This week, maybe try to open up to someone from your past. Get in touch with an old friend and catch up. You need more people to run to in your life. Get going! I bet they will be happy to hear from you.

Leo –  Get out of your comfort zone and go talk to people. You’re too closed up, and you need to meet new people. Getting in touch with new people will probably make your life easier. You can’t keep being all by yourself.

Virgo – You need to take a chill pill! You’re stressed and that’s okay. But you cannot run around and take it out on everybody! Get your act together and enjoy what you have going on around you before you miss it. You have good things going; do not mess it up.

Libra – Get out of everyone’s business. You’re losing people because you make their problems your own. Focus on what you need to focus on. You’re going to wind up alone. You got your problems while others have theirs. Stick to it.

Scorpio – This week, tell a certain someone how you feel about them. Whether it’s your best friend or a family member. Tell them how much they mean to you. You’re really bad at showing how much you care for people, so go out of your way and make them feel special. Good luck!

Sagittarius – Spend more time with your friends this week. Go out and do something fun or just sleep over at their house. Get yourself away from your responsibilities and do something to take your mind off things. You deserve a break as much as anyone else does.

Capricorn – This week, you should do some soul-searching and find yourself. Whether that’s realize you need to change some things or maybe just kick some toxic people out of your life. Get some of the good ones that you lost back. Find something that makes you happy. Get out of the house and hangout more.

Aquarius – This week, you should do stuff for others without them having to ask you. Get your stuff done before your mom comes home and yells at you to do it. Clean up messes when they happen, so you don’t have to clean them later. Throw away your garbage right after you’re done, so you don’t forget.

Pisces – Enjoy time with a loved one. Spend a lot of quality time with those closest to you. You’ve been so busy and distant that they need some of your time and to spend time with you. They miss you! Go out there and make sure they are happy. Show them how much you love them.

**P.S. — Jack will soon be back!