How to Live This Week: May 12-18

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How to Live This Week: May 12-18

Mad-Villain Dylan, Tell You How to Live

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Aries – This week, you should be extra cautious as you won’t be very lucky. Doesn’t mean you should hide alone in a hole somewhere but still should be careful of what you say and do. Think about how what you do will affect others and their lives.

Taurus – This week, you need to stop gabbing with all your friends and make sure you are safe grade-wise. Everyone is trying to either graduate or get closer to graduating and don’t have the time for your drama and unnecessary problems. At the very least, stop being lazy and complaining about every little thing.

Gemini – I can honestly say I don’t know what’s going on with you this week. The little I do know about your week is that you need to actually focus on finals so you can graduate. Otherwise, the “future you” will have a lot of work to do.

Cancer – You need to get your anger in check. I get it’s stressful with finals and people, but still, you are just being dramatic at this point. Just because you have problems doesn’t mean you can take it out on everyone else, or people’s belongings, like a car or something.

Leo – This week will be a good week for you since you have acknowledged that I am God; I have granted you a good week. It also helps that you are super nice and caring. Then there is the fact that your inner circle will literally punch someone to keep you happy and in your own little world.

Virgo – Hope you enjoyed your week off, but now it’s time for you to go back to work. You won’t be working as much as you used to, but it will still be exhausting. As a reward for yourself, you should celebrate with buying some new stuff. Save around 20% for yourself to stay happy and motivated.

Libra – It may be in the middle of finals and the stakes are high, but you seriously need to de-stress. You are trying to carry the weight of the world on your shoulders. Stop planning your future and working yourself into an early grave and take a couple of minutes to breath and relax. Try not to overdo it and fail everything because you relaxed too much.

Scorpio – Try to fix your grades. I’ll take a wild guess and say they are about as good as a double homicide. However, that could be because of the fact that your school appearances are rare, and when you do show up, you hang out it the halls instead of doing work.

Sagittarius – You, much like half the other signs, need to focus on your work. It helps to actually show up to class and try to do well. Even if it is boring and kinda sucks. How are you gonna chase your dreams with no safe long-term cash flow? Actually, being a warlord or a cartel leader may work…but it not advised.

Capricorn – Your grades will be fine thanks to all the hard work you put into this school year. That’s a lot less stress for you and will make your life a hell of a lot easier. Just do everyone a favor and try not to distract everyone else from their work. Just sit at home, relax, and do what you wanna do.

Aquarius – It is time to get into gear and work your butt off. Time to both catch-up and do well in class. That way you can relax for a little after the end of school. Don’t forget to try and get some exercise to help you stay healthy. If you play your cards right, you might actually pass all your classes with a C or higher. Just make sure you don’t forget to pay attention to those around you who care about you.

Pisces – This week, you should pause your extremely social lifestyle and try to take a break from all the hassle. You really need to focus on your grades and school work. That way you are one step closer to graduating. Because in the end, what’s more important? Graduating and being successful, or having a lot of friends.