Conspiracy Theories

Conspiracy Theories

Daisy Terry, Writer

Conspiracy theories are all over the place. You have probably heard of many, but what do the other students of Seward High think of them? Here are four of the most popular conspiracy theories, and your peers’ thoughts on them.

Flat earth is the belief that the earth is not round but flat, typically depicted with an ice wall (the south pole) keeping the water in. Overall, the students don’t believe in the flat earth. “It just doesn’t make sense,” one student remarked. “[Believers] want to be different and want attention,” another student said. “No because science has shown that it is not flat.” Many students concur with the fact that the theory has no scientific proof.

Aliens, are they out there? Have they come to Earth? Is Area 51 a possibility? The first student questioned explained, “I highly doubt we are the only [life form] out there… I don’t think [aliens] are what people make them out to be.” He was very adamant about the fact that media has made them into something that is likely not what they truly could be. The second student interviewed remarked, “I definitely believe in aliens; I don’t think that we are the only planet with life, but they have not come here. I don’t know if we have aliens in Area 51, but I do think that it is a thing.” And a third student said that, “There may not be life in this galaxy, but maybe in another with a [planet] similar to earth.”

Moon landing, was it fake? Have we since then actually landed on the moon? One sophomore said, “I think the video of the moon landing was pre-recorded, but we have actually landed on the moon.” Another student agreed with that statement. “With the original video the flag waves, so that’s sort of suspicious.” So even if you don’t believe that it was fake, the “proof” the theorists have may be convincing. “I don’t believe it was fake, but I do understand why people don’t believe.”

Illuminati, are they the ones behind all other conspiracies? Are famous celebrities part of it? “I think the Illuminati is real. I don’t think that celebrities are part of it.” She said that they may only be throwing in the Illuminati symbols is for attention. “I don’t believe that celebrities are part of it. [The Illuminati] are possibly still around, but they were definitely once around.”

True or not, conspiracy theories are interesting conversation topics. Leave your comment below of what you think of these theories.