Senior Spotlight: Karl Pfeiffenberger


Reanna Brewi, Staff Writer

Karl Pfeiffenberger has been a very successful student in Seward High School as valedictorian of the class of 2019. In order to achieve his goals, Pfeiffenberger has worked extremely hard.

It wasn’t always his goal to be valedictorian, “but towards the end, when [he] realized it was possible,” he tried his best to reach it. In order to gain this title, Karl took “all of the most challenging courses.” So, the upcoming freshman should remember to “work hard but don’t put too much pressure on yourself.” Also, seniors, “don’t get senioritis. Work hard to the end because it’ll be worth it, and enjoy your senior year because it doesn’t last as long as you think it will.”

As a four year member of music collective, Karl has become passionate about this form of art. He would like to continue with music because it “has always been a big part of [his] life.” Perhaps, he will take some courses about music theory.

After high school, Pfeiffenberger will attend Montana State University and study conservation biology and ecology. Furthermore, Karl plans to “[use his] skills to study wildlife.”

Recently, he went to Costa Rica on a program which focused on conservation biology. While he was there, they did many projects, but there were four main surveys. “The first one was a survey of an endangered bird called the yellow billed Cotinga. The next one was a dung beetle survey. Then a survey of a coral reef system. [They] also did surveys of biodiversities on a local farm.”

In five years Karl, hopes to be done with college and either be “pursuing a graduate degree or doing research involving environmental issues around the United States.” Pfeiffenberger would like to live in Montana because “it’s a cool place.” Although, he would also like to travel the world and go to places which need assistance involving conservation.

Karl’s final advice to the new high school students is to “have fun and enjoy your time in high school.”