Music Collective Summer Concert 2019

Joshua Park and Jennifer Swander

Summer Collective Concert: May 14th, 2019

Featuring two perspectives: Collective insider and audience member.


Insider/Member Perspective (by Joshua Park)

“OK everyone!” Mr. Doepkin’s voice boomed throughout the relatively empty high school auditorium. The conflicting sounds of piano keys, guitar strums, bass hums, and drums all went deathly silent as we all turned over to pay attention to what coach was about to say.

He gives us a rundown on song order, group songs highlighting the beginning and end of the list and several solos making the central bulk of our soon-to-be concert. We write down the song order with a Sharpie on some construction paper just in case, then we get back to practicing.

It was dress rehearsal, two hours before our final “Summer Collective” music concert that we strictly appointed to start at 6:00 PM on May 14th. Rehearsal goes similarly to any other of our band practices and meet-ups; except this time, we had more than half an hour to go briefly through our pieces.

Despite the significant time increase, the rehearsal still seemed to go by in a flash. It wouldn’t take long after a couple takes on group songs and audio testings that the first signs of an audience would make their way into the auditorium. We would soon move into the music room to finish up our pieces.

A couple minutes later and the growing bustle of voices and conversation starts to bleed out from the growing audience in the auditorium. Once Mr. Doepkin opened the door after checking through all of the audio mixing and microphones, we all knew what was to come. It was showtime.


Audience Perspective (by Ms. Swander)

I believe Music Collective members to be far too humble concerning their talents. They often do not actively promote their concerts or may dismiss compliments. But let me tell you, this group needs to celebrate their skills.  

Students who play multiple instruments always amaze me (especially since I play NONE).  For example, Lydia put down her guitar and Hailey her bass to individually sit behind the piano and powerfully sing. Or how Lucy traded her violin for two turns at piano solos.

Josh also looks very comfortable at the keyboard, and this time, he accompanied Anevay, whose voice flows with a level of maturity. This wonderful duet easily toyed with the audience’s emotions. Josh told me Anevay approached him with the idea a week prior to the performance.  This is what I mean about the quality of talent in this group!

One aspect I enjoyed about this concert was the variety of genres showcased, from contemporary to folk. Karl always brings a level of confidence to the stage that makes a statement about his performance experience (plus I just love folk music).  With guitar in hand, Selma decided to slow the pace for “The A Team” and delivered the poetic ballad with sentimental precision.

The final group song led the audience to repeatedly yell, “Encore!” Mr. Doepkin instructed, “We don’t have another song, so just play that one again.”  And when they did, the crowd clapped and sang along–some of us (me!) even jumping to our feet for a bit of dancing.


The Music Collective is

Jim Doepkin- “Coach”/Mediator of Music Collective.

Karl Pfeiffenberger- Plays guitar, Senior.

Taylor Huett- Plays bassoon, Junior.

Selma Casagranda- Plays ukulele, vocalist, Sophomore.

Anevay Ambrosiani- Plays ukulele, vocalist, Sophomore.

Grant Hinders- Plays bass, Sophomore.

Tray Ingalls- Plays drums, Sophomore.

Naomi Ifflander- Vocalist, Junior.

Lucy Hankins- Plays violin, piano, Sophomore.

Lydia Jacoby- Plays stand-up bass, piano, Sophomore.

Hailey Anderson- Plays piano, guitar, vocalist, Freshman.

Rowan Bean- Plays guitar, vocalist, Freshman.

Joshua Park- Plays piano, Junior.


May 14th, 2019 Song List:

“Hey Ya” (Outkast)- Group Song

“Viva La Vida” (Imagine Dragons)- Group Song

“Me+Sebastian” (La La Land)- Lucy Hankins Piano Solo

“Stay” (Alessia Cara)- Lydia Jacoby Solo

-Karl Pfeiffenberger Solo

“All I Want” (Kodaline)- Rowan Catcher Solo

“Out of Love” (Alessia Cara)- Anevay Ambrosiani Vocals, Joshua Park Piano Acc.

“Rise Up”- Hailey Anderson Solo

“A Team”- Selma Casagranda Solo

“Pirates” (from Pirates of the Caribbean)- Lucy Hankins Piano Solo

-Karl Pfeiffenberger Solo

“Tainted Love” (Ed Cobb)- Group Song

“The Middle” (Jimmy Eat World)- Group Song