2019 Swim Season Preview


Team photo in Kenai. Photographer: Sarah Spanos

Lydia Jacoby, Writer

2019 Seward High School swim season is off to a good start. Despite the graduation of two of last years swimmers, Maria Fry and Meghan Mullaly, the size of the team remains stable as three incoming freshmen–Paxton Hill, Jackson Bird, and Hunter Fry– are welcomed onto the team.

 For the first time in many years, the boys team outnumbers the girls; a total of fourteen athletes, eight boys and six girls will start off our swim season. Only two more girls are needed to fill out two relays (hint hint).

 The Seahawks welcome back Coach Meghan O’Leary for her sixth year of coaching high school swimming. She already has a full season training plan in the water and on land. It will carry the team all the way through to regions and state.

 Sophomore Wren Dougherty says her goals for this season are to “have fun,” and learn how to keep her goggles on during the start. 

Connor Spanos says he wants to place in the top three at state as well as breaking the school record for the 100 fly. He hopes that will be his ticket to an athletic scholarship for college. 

Wish our Seahawks luck as they swim their way towards their goals. 



Grade 12: Kalista Rodriguez, Madi Moore, Connor Spanos, Hunter Hollingsworth, John Moriarty

Grade 11: Kylie Mullaly

Grade 10: Wren Dougherty, Lydia Jacoby, Annika Nilsson, Gavin Foote, Peter Spanos

Grade 9: Paxton Hill, Jackson Bird, Hunter Fry