Where is Dave?


Sophia Dow and Shelby Sieminski

You may have noticed room 208 is missing a specific southern gentlemen. You may also have noticed his best friend loitering the halls alone. David Thomas has had no recent social media activity since July 24th. His bitmoji has been turned on ghost mode. Where has David Thomas vanished to? Could he be in danger? Is he focusing on Soundcloud? Did an Uno tournament go too far? SHS Today investigative reporters Sophia Dow and Shelby Sieminski have combined forces to find the truth.

We reached out to Hunter Hollingsworth, who is known to have a pro-gamer relationship with David Thomas. When asked where Dave could possibly be, Hollingsworth firmly stated, “I plead the fifth.” After a thorough interrogation, he coughed up a single piece of information regarding the possible whereabouts of our missing student. We later would discover this tip was falsely planted to throw us off.

We decided to reach out to Dave’s best friend in the world: Clarence Longan. Longan was not exactly forthcoming with information; he told us to “ask him yourself.” We eventually inquired if he missed his best buddy David. He sorrowfully replied,“Of course, I miss him; he’s my best friend.” 

Every boy who was interrogated fed us the same cryptic response: “North Carolina.” We immediately recognized this as a shady tactic meant to divert us from the truth. Seniors, Bjorn Nilsson and Connor Spanos came to us to clear the guilt resting on their conscience. They informed us not only was David NOT in North Carolina, but was actually in South Carolina. 

In a strange twist of fate, David Thomas decided to respond to our request on his whereabouts. He claims to be “in South Carolina rn visiting my dad” and generously responded that “{we} can ask any questions {we} have.” 

For all those worrying, Dave will return September 5th, and will be in room 208 with his buddy Clarence.