Seahawk Football


Tommy Cronin, sports dude

Football is a tough sport. It takes a lot to play it, and our team has gotten off to a rough start. Jacob Wendt says, “We came into this season expecting to win these first three games, but we could still do very good. We just need to figure out everyone’s position.”  

The team came very close to a 1-0 start but they had a heartbreaking loss in overtime. In the first quarter our own Seward Seahawks came out fired up and scored two quick touchdowns making the score 14-0. But in the second and third quarter the score changed drastically as the Monroe Rams ran up the score making it 38-14. The odds of a win were beginning to look a lot more difficult.

However the Seahawks would not back down and fought their way back to 38-38 after touchdowns from Steven Harshman, Collin Mullaly, and Jacob Wendt. The Rams were on the goal line, and if they would’ve scored the game would’ve been over right then and there; but when they tried to run to the right and then BOOM! Collin Mullaly punched the ball out of the runningbacks hands forcing a fumble that Chad Quinn picked up forcing overtime. In the end the Rams won after a recovered fumble. It was demoralizing but still a good hard fought game.

The next two games were not so close. We came in thinking we would stomp all over these guys and  they both surprised us. For the guys coming back this is to no surprise, we tend to overlook underwhelming teams and they come out and run us over because we aren’t trying.

The team is playing Ketchikan tomorrow and hopefully they can get back on track.