The Astrology Brothers Present YOUR WEEK September 30-October 4

The Astrology Brothers, Uncertified Astrologists


This week, your achievements will make you very happy, but only for a moment. When you finally get that task done, you’ll realize someone else has already done it in a grander, better way. Feeling disappointed in yourself is only natural after the high expectations you’ve set. You’ve got enough stubborn energy to get through this, but it’s going to take some effort.


You have a good week. Nothing else to it.


You’re the worst sign of them all, but we can’t stop you from having a great week. Don’t take too much advantage of this opportunity now…you just might overdo it.


Ah, Cancer. The epitome of the “nice guy” (or girl, whatever floats your boat). Just because you’re a decent human being doesn’t mean you deserve the world at your feet. Be nice to be a good person, not to be rewarded.


Leave, just leave. The exit is right this way kid. Being around you is exhausting. Stop talking for five minutes and maybe you’ll notice that no one is listening to you. Give your peers a chance to share their story, and maybe you can learn something for once.


Things are going downhill, you’ve noticed it, we’ve noticed it. There’s no way to stop this, so we suggest you take the time to reflect on your year thus far. There are some changes you need to make in your life and it’s time you do it.


It’s your time to relax. Kick back with your favorite meal and some well deserved self-care. Be careful though, those essential oils can go to your head. Remember, health is balance, not indulgence.


You can’t expect to have the time of your life and have no consequences. This week is going to be full of cleaning up messes, both emotionally and physically.


This week, you will find an unexpected new talent. It could be in cooking, it could be in the art or you may manifest the skill of  being an idiot. Who knows?


This week, a stranger will enter your life. They will make many promises to you, but be careful. Their loyalty is dependent on how much you have to offer, not how “great” of a person you are.


Your good will is catching up with you. Your selflessness and kindness will bring you good fortune. Don’t get too ahead of yourself, you just might slip up.


You can’t seem to catch a break. You’ll notice this week that everything is a little off. Your ice cream is going to be a little more melted this week, your friends just a tad bit more annoying, and your sleep even more restless. Other than that, your week will go just fine!