The Astrology Brothers Present YOUR WEEK October 14-18

The Astrology Brothers, Uncertified Astrologists


Things are looking up. Despite your recent lack of motivation, your unyielding stubbornness has managed to keep you going. This is going to pay off. You can look forward to some success and good fortune.


This week, you’re going to feel a bit weighed down. Life can be draining. However, there is an end in sight. You’re strong and relentless and you will be able to persevere. Keep your friends close and you’ll find yourself more put together than you have been in a while.


Last week could have been better. This week should be good, but that all depends on you. Things may be a bit confusing this week. You will grow to love what you thought you hated and will grow to hate what you thought you would love. It’s up to you to decipher what this means. Stay positive.


You’ll lose something that you thought was essential to your life. You’ll soon realize it wasn’t that important at all. Don’t forget it, but leave it behind.


With nothing else to lose, you might as well risk it all. This week you will be presented with a big decision. Take it, no matter the risk. It will work out in the end, we promise. 😉


Well, this week can’t really get worse…  If nothing else, you’ll get to go home to your loving pets. If you don’t have a pet… it’s your job this week to figure that out. Watch out for tragedy, its right around the corner.


A happy week awaits you. Don’t obsess over the little things in life and you will find yourself in a lighter, happier place. Try to spread this happiness to those around you.


Honestly, that silly, sarcastic attitude of yours is getting a tad bit annoying. The reason you feel like you’re speaking to an empty room is because everyone is tired of hearing you talk. Close your mouth, take a deep breath, and open your ears. Maybe then your friends will appreciate you.


This week isn’t looking so hot. You may be tempted to curl up in a ball and sleep for the next decade like the lazy slob you are, but that never fixes anything. A week of sleep deprivation won’t feel great, but it’s better than getting nothing done. Reach out to your friends and maybe they can help you get through this.


You bathe in your friends despair. You will cherish the fact that everyone else is having a bad week. Of course this will come back to bite you, but you might as well enjoy it while you can, right?


This week, everything you’ll ever have worked for will come crashing down. You will never be able to fully recover from this. The best thing you can do is try your hardest to fix it, but let’s be honest, you’ll basically be putting a bandaid over a stab wound. Good luck!


It’s time you noticed how empty material things are. Your spending is excessive, and we think it’s time you took a look at your bank account. Finance isn’t your strong suit, but working hard is. Pick yourself up and try to save some of your money for once.