Coolmath Games Spotlight: Run 3

Coolmath Games Spotlight: Run 3

Jonah Lindquist, writer

Run 3 is one of the most iconic games featured on Coolmath Games website. Some will say it is the most popular out of the three generations in the Run trilogy. It contains many more features than its predecessors, and was a great step of innovation in the franchise.

The first improvement over the original game is the musical score. It is a much needed renovation from the first. Building on the original tune from the first two games, it continues through each level to aid in player immersion. Another advancement in Run 3 is a new map style. This style consists of a more cylindrical design, where the runner is enclosed within a tube. The previous two games included more of a free jumping style, where dodging holes is the goal in Run 3. This is basically a modern design to gain a new audience, but isn’t necessarily an improvement. It is simply a personal preference which one you think is better.

For hardcore Run fans, there are now goals to complete. The newest installment includes over a dozen challenges, in which a player can unlock skins. Though they do improve the looks of your avatar, there is a more important aspect. Each skin contains unique perks, which improve player performance in different ways. For instance, the Angel skin grants a burst of speed to a player who equips it. Some may be thinking that Run has converted to pay-to-win, but the contrary is actually true. These skins may only be unlocked by players who have attained a certain skill level. This can only be done through rigorous training and gameplay, and takes hard work and dedication.

Run 3 is a colossal step forward for this timeless franchise. It brings brand new features not present in previous games. By appealing to hardcore gamers and introducing challenges, it is able to extend playability and keep players coming back for years to come.