Planes Trains and Automobiles

Planes Trains and Automobiles

Clay Petersen, not a deer

Planes Trains and Automobiles

7 out of 10 shower curtain rings


Planes, Trains, and Automobiles, directed and written by John Hughes, stars Steve Martain and John Candy. Neal Page, played by Martin, is a classic Scrooge character on a troublesome trip to get home for Thanksgiving. After meeting overly zealous optimist Del Griffin, Candy’s character, the adventure takes a turn for the worse.


The journey starts with a stolen cab and ends with a new friend. Del Griffins journey is one of wondering and wandering. Del is introduced to his traveling partner when the door to his cab is angrily ripped open and Neal’s angry face is on the other side. Moments later, the two meet while waiting for their flight, which Del finds amusing. Again, the are surprised when they are  seated next to each other, furthering Neal’s annoyance. Despite Neal’s best efforts him and Del seemed to be paired together god himself  


I enjoyed the comedy of this movie. The jokes were subtle and the producers brought the story together through their attention to detail, making sure there were no loose ends. Pieces of the movie which the viewer won’t notice the first time become entertaining details on the second watch. This is the kind of movie that you won’t seek out to watch, but when you see it on TV that lazy Sunday, you can’t help but grab a snack and cozy up for this timeless holiday tale.


Now, for the down side of the movie. The plot was predictable and a bit thin. There were several mistakes and continuity errors, from blinkers on a broken car, to bags that came and went as it was convenient. These were not plot altering details, but were still noticeable and off-putting for the viewer.


Steve Martin and John Candy were a hilarious duo and they consistently had me on the ground laughing (just ask Hana). Martin played an exceptional grump which has me wondering what he’s like in real life. I have seen some other John Candy movies, and I can’t help but imagine he is exactly as his entertaining characters. He was able to bring us up with his hopeless optimism, but he was also able to bring us down when he had his sad moments. I truly think that Candy carried this movie on his back in the same way that Del carried his overflowing chest throughout the movie.