You Can’t Argue With 1 Billion Downloads


Sophia Dow and Shelby Sieminski

 Tik Tok, better known as in its early years, has become a controversial topic. Recently, has been reformed, beginning the dawn of a new era: Tik Tok. 

For those who are unfamiliar with Tik Tok, it is a social media platform in which people are able to post short videos. These videos then have the potential to reach the For You page that can be found by anyone on the app. 

If you are a new user, trendy sounds and themes have more potential to get on the For You page, bringing likes and views your way. Although, many were hesitant to join the revolution at first, haters have caved–not only creating their own accounts–but crafting their very own content. 

Senior Connor Spanos is one of Seward’s very own crafters of content. His most-viewed Tik Tok has received 1,307 views and 77 likes, bringing him gallons of clout. He informed us he “once hated Tik Tok, but was just inspired to put [himself] out there on that app.” Since downloading the app, Connor has created eight Tik Toks, and hopefully many more are in the making.

Sophomore Rowan Bean, one of Tik Toks loyal users, has “had this app for a while.” She claims to have gotten the app when it was still called back when she was in 5th grade. She made content for fun, which she calls “super cringy stuff,” including videos about her crush, complete with the classic special effects. “I had the transitions. I had the effects. You name it!” Rowan recalls.  She even shared how she typically used black and white filters. She says for anyone who does not have Tik Tok “good for you, but part of me is like, you’re missing out.”

Now that the app is called Tik Tok, it is more trendy, ironic, relatable, and very similar to a childhood favorite: Vine. According to Business Insider, Tik Tok has “more than 1 billion all-time downloads.” Whether you are a lover or a hater, you cannot deny true talent. From heart-broken fifth graders to dispirited seniors, all the way to dancing grandparents, you will find just about anything on Tik Tok.