Tikker of the Week: Madi Moore


Shelby Sieminski and Sophia Dow

Madi Moore, one of Sewards most loved Tik Tokers, is known to post trendy Tik Toks that blow up once being released. Her most popular having 125 likes and 1152 views. This is also one of Madi’s favorite pieces of content, and we can see why! The Tik Tok starts off with a very popular snippet of All I Want For Christmas Is You. We, the fans, get a glimpse into Madi’s Safeway trip and impulse Tik Tok. We see decorations such as the Grinch and star tree toppers. The video escalates with a woah and a base drop, sending Madi into full hype all in front of the feminine hygiene products. Can someone say ICONIC!

You can view more of Madi’s Tik Toks @madbigtot