Senior Spotlight: John Moriarty


Jonah Lindquist, POTJC

John Moriarty is a senior at Seward High School and has lived in Seward his whole life. His hobbies include a wide variety of topics, from video games to big game hunting. He is also passionate about basketball and soccer and plays on the varsity team for both of these sports. When asked about his opinion on the upcoming basketball season, he responded, “I think it’s going to be a really excellent season. The boys have been working hard in the offseason and in the mornings and I hope we can keep working and improving on last year.” Even with his passion for sports, he keeps up with academics. He is ranked fourth in his graduating class with an impressive grade point average of over 4.0. His goal after high school is to “attend Creighton University and try to major in biology.” 

When not attending Seward High School, John enjoys hunting. He has been on a number of hunts over the years, with many of them being successful. He also likes playing Xbox games such as Fortnite and Skyrim. Some random facts about John include his favorite color, which is “green, like dark green.” His favorite animal is a tardigrade, also known as a water bear. He says it is because “those things are invincible.”