How To Take The Perfect Photo


Cody Bryden, Yee Yee

When taking a photo, there’s a lot more to it than a simple press of a button. Sure, anyone can snap a photograph, but how can you make yours stand out and catch someone’s eye? On this mini-article of SHS Today, we’ll show you tips and tricks to help you take better photos and learn how to edit them to perfection. Here are a few basic tips to get you started.

     1. Clean your lens.

Cleaning your lens gives your photo more clarity and will give your shot more detail. Try using water or a lens cleaner with a microfiber cloth, so you won’t damage or scratch your lenses while cleaning.

     2. Use grid lines to set up your shot.

Grid lines help you set up your shot by using the rule of thirds. According to this rule, if you place points of interest on the intersections or along the lines, your photo will be more balanced, level, and allow viewers to interact with it more naturally. You can access this in settings on iPhone and Samsung.

    3. Get your camera focused on your subject.

While most phones will automatically focus on an object, it won’t always be the subject that your shooting. After you’ve chosen an object that you want to become your subject, tap on your phone screen. To lock the focus point on your phone camera, press and hold till you see AE/AF LOCK.

    4. Find different angles to capture your photo.

Taking photos from a unique, unexpected angle can make them stand out more by creating an illusion of depth or height within the picture. Try taking a photo facing directly upward at the sky, showing the trees around you.

    5. Don’t zoom in.

Zooming in will cause the photo to become pixelated and unfocused. Instead of zooming in, walk closer to the subject of the photo. Unless it’s wildlife, then don’t get too close.