The Best Performance Yet!!!!!!

Shelby Sieminski, Staff

We have all heard the random snippets of songs played every Tuesday over the loudspeaker, summoning the Music Collective students to the music room. There, they sit, play music, and eat lunch. 

Lydia plays the bass, guitar, piano, and sings. The week before the concert it is “kind of stressful” for her and requires a lot of discipline to “not go eat lunch with [her] friends.”

Josh is another one of Music Collective’s elite members. Although he mainly plays piano, he also occasionally plays the drums. Josh wishes practices were longer and have more time with the “great community” and “passionate” members associated with Music Collective. 

Their January Jam concert was a jolting success. All the performers displayed their breathtaking talents for everyone to hear. As a supporter in the crowd, I am so thankful for the opportunity to see all my friends perform and would 10/10 recommend going to their next performance!