Stacy’s mom IS Jessie’s girl?? (PROOF!!)

You wont believe what happens!


Clayton Petersen, Boy genius

Whilst listening to the creations of the great Rick Springfield, one may wonder, who is Jessie? And who in the world is his girl? Another song that can get you wondering about a starring woman is “Stacy’s Mom” by Fountains of Wayne. What if I were to tell you, Jessie’s girl and Stacy’s mom are the same person? In this article, I will blow your mind with the most convincing facts about things you hardly care about. 

First, I will explain what I mean when I say that “Stacy’s Mom” and “Jessie’s Girl” are about the same person. My theory is that the woman, who for the sake of simplicity we will call “Clarissa,” is both Jessie’s girl and Stacy’s mom. Clarissa was Jessie’s high school sweetheart in 1981 when the song was released. She then grew up to marry Jessie and have a child who was named *gasp* Stacy.  Clarissa was then sung about in the 2003 song “Stacy’s Mom.”  

Now let’s talk about the lyrics. In the song “Stacy’s Mom,” they say “…since your dad walked out your mom could use a guy like me.” Jessie was the dad who walked out–leaving that spot wide open for anyone to take…(maybe?).

So, the timeline goes like this…Clarissa dates Jessie; then Jessie and his girl (Clarissa) get married and have children, all while staying close friends with Rick Springfield (the one who originally sang about Clarissa). Rick never loses his feelings for Clarissa, but understands it will never happen and marries a wife of his own. They then give birth to a beautiful baby boy named Wayne (from Fountains of Wayne) just a couple years after Stacy is born. Over the years, Rick accidentally instills his love for Clarissa into the young and impressionable Wayne. Then when Jessie leaves, Wayne sees an opportunity that his dad missed and makes his moves on Clarissa. This leads to the song “Stacy’s Mom.”