4 Hours for Taco Bell?


Cody Bryden, Healthy Eating 101

Almost every teenager loves fast food. But what everyone wants to know is how much do they really like it? I think you’ll find that the high schoolers of Seward definitely rank high on the list. From making the 4-hour drive to get Taco Bell or the week long trip for Chick-Fil-A, these teenagers like their fast food. 

First, let’s take a center point to base our research off. Using Seward High School as

our main point is that we can start to put together our travel plans. Subway, the land of fresh food and the only fast food restaurant in Seward, is only 1.5 miles away. 

Next up is McDonalds, the classic place to get a Mcflurry and a box of fries. Not too bad, only 92 miles or 2 hours of driving one way. 

Taco Bell (a.k.a. the best place ever to get a crunchwrap) is also 92 miles away. Sonic isn’t that far away, or is it? Sike! It’s 165 miles one way. 

But that’s nothing if you want to get something from Chick-Fil-A–also known as the best fast food place in the world. Just to get a chicken sandwich and waffle fries, you’d need to drive 46 hours non-stop, which is 2,376 miles ONE WAY. Not to mention you’d go through Canada and Washington just to get there. Let’s just hope you don’t show up on a Sunday.

Okay, so obviously none of the Seward High schoolers will be getting Chick-Fil-A any time soon; however, what about something other than Subway? Well, welcome to the land of weekends and corona free time. Personally, I am guilty of making the 184 mile round trip to get Taco Bell–cheap diesel and go watch a hockey game. But I did it only once a month. Now with Covid-19, I’ve been quite bored recently. So what better idea than go get some tasty, definitely not healthy, fast food.

It all started with a simple text. Just five short words. “Wanna go get Taco Bell?” Suddenly, I found myself flying down the road with Clay in the passenger set going to get a taco of gold. Whoops, I mean Taco Bell. With almost any sort of an adventure, it all starts with one dumb friend texting another. Then before you know it, you’re walking through Home Depot with a crunchwrap in your hand. The good life, the way your youth is supposed to be spent. Enjoying fast food and looking at flooring. 

Okay, let’s be real for a second. That’s probably not how you want to spend your free time, but you get the idea. Give a couple of teenagers a set of keys, a full tank of gas, and some money in their pockets, and watch what happens. 

From what I can say in the last two weeks, I’ve made the trip to Taco Bell three times, and I’m not ashamed. So next time you’re driving down the road, look out because these teenagers are hungry and not afraid to drive.

P.S. If you are looking for parenting advice, I’m not the person to ask.