Frisbee Golf With Mr. Hazard?


Max Pfeiffenberger, Sports Expert

“Discs can cause serious injury. Play at your own risk” I thought this sign at the start of the frisbee golf course was ridiculous – until I got smacked by a disc. It left a bruise, but it didn’t dampen the fun I have recently discovered playing frisbee golf with friends.

 Before this year I hadn’t played, or even seen anyone playing, despite having a course right outside Seward High School. Levi invited Sam and I to join him for a round during lunch earlier this year. I was skeptical. How fun could throwing discs into a basket be? But Levi’s a nice guy, so I figured I’d humor him. I was pretty terrible at it at first and even had to climb a tree to retrieve one of my throws. We were all way over par, but something about the game immediately grabbed me. 

What is it about hurling a disc through the trees that makes it so fun? No matter what problem set, history essay, or journalism article I am stressing over, I find it easy to escape while I’m on the course. Maybe it’s just because I’m with friends in a low pressure situation. Maybe it’s because the fresh air is just what I need. Maybe it’s just relaxing to watch the disc float through the air, drifting in an arc toward the target.

We’ve invited some more friends to give it a try, and our lunchtime crew has grown. It turns out that Mr. Hazard and Mr. Reising are not just teachers, they are the local frisbee experts. 

If you would like to play the awesome sport of frisbee golf, there are plenty of ways to start.  Mr. Marshall has a box full of old discs in his back room. If you ask nicely, he just might let you borrow a set. To find the first hole, go out the doors by the art room, and across the street. You will find a sign with a map of the course. The first hole is right behind that sign. Levi and I always welcome new people who want to try it out. We both have an extra set of discs, and would be glad to help you out.

If we ever get to go back to in person school be sure to give it a try! Frisbee golf is always a good laugh and a good time. Just watch out when Sam is putting, though, or you’ll end up with a nice bruise.