How to make simple Face Masks


Paola Baez, Crafts Article Writer

During this historical event that’s happening now with the Covid-19, masks are required all over the globe to help prevent this horrendous new virus from spreading even further. 

However, it is still very important to wash your hands frequently and to limit physical contact. Remember to keep your six feet distance!! 

This article is to help reduce the medical disposable masks as much as possible since they are in short supply for the brave healthcare workers on the front line. This also is to inspire you to make your own personalized radical mask!


  • Bandana
  • 2 hair ties

Step 1: First lay down the fabric on a flat surface.

Step 2: Fold the bottom edge up in about a quarter of the way, and fold one more time so it goes towards the center. Do the same thing to the other side: fold inwards and then up one more time. Now, the two panels are meeting in the middle.



Step 3: Place one elastic (hair tie) on both sides, then slide it in about ⅓ of the way. (It will look like a big candy.)


Step 4: Take the tails and tuck them inside the fold. Pull the elastic a bit so the fabric is tight enough.

Final look!:

*Optional step: Use a needle and thread to sew the two folds together for a permanent mask.