Wren Dougherty

The temperature has dropped; the sun sets around 6:30; and all the leaves are turning colors. Fall is here. This can mean an abundance of things: pumpkins, Halloween, winter approaching, or anything else. It made me think I wonder what everyone likes most about fall? After asking a handful of delightful students here at Seward High what their favorite thing about fall is, I was thrilled to hear the responses. 

Almost everyone told me they love the fall scenery. Junior Rowan Bean and sophomore Ayla Tritz love how all the pretty colors and falling leaves create a gorgeous landscape. Freshman Sam McLain shares the appreciation for the autumn colors with the juniors, stating he likes “seeing the leaves change color.” Senior Kylie Mullaly enjoys this beauty when hiking in fall when she often catches animals scurry around off the trail. Observing the changing animal coats is sophomore Teak Barhaug’s favorite aspect of autumn. 

Along with the pretty colors, fall brings new activities. Junior Grant Hinders mentioned school dances and sports happening in the fall, “which is fun.” Kylie brought up an important point: there are “less tourists in the fall.” Seward begins to quiet down for the winter, and our town is back to just locals. The cozy, quiet feeling is appreciated by junior Lydia Jacoby. For her, this time of year means “warm drinks by the fire, and cozying up with a book.” 

Winter sneaks up fast, so we have to soak up the beauty of fall before it leaves. I might spend my afternoon tomorrow snuggled up with my dog and a warm drink, admiring the colors, before everything turns white.