Majestik Fisheries LLC



       More than a month has passed since I first hopped on the Majestik. Going from a twenty-eight-foot boat in the sound to a seventy-plus foot boat on the gulf is a world of difference. At the moment, I have yet to decide if that difference is good or bad, better or worse. All I can really say is that the Majestik is a big bad boat.

        As I’m sitting here, on my wheel watch writing about this big bad boat, I’m counting my tokens. Similar to gambling, except these aren’t literal tokens, they’re imaginary. It’s how a lot of fishermen weigh their options. Usually, you’re given two choices, you can either cash your chips and head home or go all-in on the next round and stay for another season. Trust me, it’s literal gambling and most fishermen just can’t get enough.

         It might sound like an easy decision, and sometimes it is, but as you put more of your chips on the table, the more you have to lose. No one can predict if the upcoming fishing season is going to be good or bad. If you decide to walk away and it turned out to be a good season, you’re really going to regret it. Yet, on the other hand, the exact opposite applies. Say you just had a killer season and decide to buy-in for the next one, but instead of success, you get hit with a complete blowout. This leaves you with a boat and permit payments you can’t afford.

     With two salmon seasons, a few longline trips, and a longline pot cod season under my belt, all my chips are on the table. As I said, it’s addicting. As soon as you get that call asking if you want to go fishing, you are already on your way. It’s hard to say no, especially if your last season was incredible.

      Right now, I’m on the Majestik heading south, and to be totally honest, I have no clue what my plan is. As I round the corner on the home stretch, my diploma is insight, and I’m ready to get back on the no-sleep schedule that defines fishing. Whoever needed sleep anyway? Sleep is for the weak. There isn’t anything some five-hour energy and a cup of coffee can’t get you through. Let me just say this, if you can’t live off of coffee, Kodiak, and very little sleep, I don’t think you will last on any top-end fishing vessel. Also, AK Starfish Co. has SUCH cool hats. Very durable and fashionable. Highly recommend.