Savory Salmon Salad


Trevor Guernsey, Staff Writer

Savory Salmon Salad

      Have you ever wanted to eat a healthy, delectable meal? I really enjoy making salmon because it is tasty, and I know it is a fresh Alaskan fish. I really enjoy catching salmon, so I have a few recipes to prevent me from getting tired of eating it.

     The first step of this recipe is to cook it, so preheat the oven to 400 degrees. Secondly, line a glass lasagna dish with aluminum foil. Thirdly, place thawed or fresh salmon fillets in the dish. Fourth, season to taste; one of my favorites is a scrumptious sprinkle of lemon pepper and Johnny’s seasoning salt. Fifth, put aluminum foil over the top of the pan; place in the oven and set a 35 minute timer. To check if the salmon is done, use a fork to flake the thickest section and look for an opaque color all the way through the meat. 

     Let the salmon cool;  remove the meat from the skin, then, place in a large mixing bowl. Mix salmon with approximately ½ cup mayonnaise for one filleted cooked fish, and add finely chopped pickles. I like to add a few chile flakes, but you can add your favorite savory seasoning. Also, variations which can be added are sliced green grapes, chopped artichoke hearts or olives.

     I recommend making it into a sandwich, so grab your favorite bread and toast to perfection. It can also be enjoyed with crackers.

     I hope you give this delicious recipe a try. I prefer salmon salad over tunafish, and you can eat salmon everyday without fears of mercury poisoning.



1 average silver, red, or pink salmon filleted. (This normally makes about ten sandwiches.)

Mayonnaise ½ cup, or to taste.


4 dill pickles.

Green grapes. 

Artichoke hearts. 


Johnny’s seasoning salt and lemon pepper, or your favorite seasoning and spices.

Your favorite bread or cracker.

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