Replacing Sports


Max Pfeiffenberger, Sports Expert

Seward High students participate in sports for many different reasons. Whether staying in shape, being with friends, relieving stress, or simply loving the game, sports are very important for the well-being of a majority of the student population. In addition, there are many other positive skills that athletes learn by participating in high school sports such as accountability, responsibility, time management, leadership, and teamwork skills.

Due to current restrictions, students are denied the opportunity to participate in sports and build these essential skills. However, many Seward High athletes are finding other creative ways to fill this gap.

Getting outside is one way that Seahawks have been able to replace high school sports. It is much easier to social distance when you are outside, making winter sports a great way to catch up with friends. The snowpack this season has given many Seahawks an early opportunity to snowmachine, ski, and snowboard.  

“I like to go skiing with my friends,” said freshman Benjamin Ambrosiani who has been skiing at Mile Twelve to stay in shape. 

Senior Trey Ingalls says he has been “going on runs to relieve stress, and to enjoy the little amount of sun in the day.” Fresh air is always a good break from sitting in Zoom classes. 

While getting outside is great, the weather doesn’t always cooperate. Some Seahawks are playing online video games to stay connected with friends. 

Junior Tommy Cronin said, “I play 2K with the boys a lot since I can’t hang out with them as much as normal.” 

Sports video games such as NBA 2K, a basketball game, and FIFA, a soccer game, are popular with athletes because they can virtually play the sport they love. While it may not be as exciting as actual competition, right now it is all some athletes have. 

Other Seward athletes are using their free time to prepare for potential winter sports, which have been postponed until after the semester break. Basketball is scheduled to start January 11th, and the teams will likely only play Peninsula schools. Wrestling has been pushed back to March 15th, and cross-country skiing will start some time after the break. 

Trey Ingalls commented, “I have the privilege of shooting hoops inside my church building; however, I do not get many opportunities to be competitive with others.” 

Some athletes aren’t able to practice their sport, so they have been working out instead. Annika Nillson said she goes “to the gym and blast[s] music” in hopes that there is a basketball season this year.

Although many Seward High athletes are disappointed that sporting events and seasons have been canceled and postponed, they are making the best of what they have.